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Members of the NPC and CPPCC raised the idea of building smart grid as a national strategy.

Time:2018-5-16 9:27:47


        Xinhua Beijing, Beijing, March (reporter Zheng Xiaoyi, Ye Jianping) "the rapid development of China's new energy but encountered Internet difficulties, the construction of smart grid is the key to promote the development of new energy." Zhu Changlin, member of the CPPCC National Committee and general manager of Beijing Electric Power Corporation, called for the construction of a strong smart grid to become a national strategy.

        Zhu Changlin said that wind power plants doubled for 3 years, and the scale of solar power grew rapidly. However, the overall development of the power grid was lagging behind, and the backbone and distribution networks were weak, which could not fully meet the needs of the rapid development of clean energy. And the construction of the UHV power grid as the backbone grid, the coordinated development of the power grid at all levels, with information, automation, interactive characteristics of the strong smart grid, will provide a strong support for the large-scale development and use of clean energy.

        According to the plan of the national Power Grid Corp, by 2020, our country will basically build a strong smart grid and form a strong grid with North and East China and central China high voltage synchronous grid as the receiving end, northeast and northwest power grid as the transport terminal, connecting the national large coal, electricity, nuclear power and renewable energy generation base.

        Zhu Changlin said that the construction of smart grid will also promote the development of electric vehicles. Under the action of smart grid, the owners can be encouraged to charge at night trough prices through TOU price. He analyses that with the final breakthrough of battery technology and the completion of smart grid, the electric vehicle will eventually become a mobile energy storage unit and become a part of the smart grid, which will play a great role in improving the efficiency of the power grid.

        In addition, smart grid plays an important role in pushing animal networking and building intelligent city, intelligent community and intelligent family. Zhu Changlin, member of the State Grid, the first smart grid demonstration project has been completed in Beijing. This district uses solar energy, geothermal, cold and power generation to meet the needs of life. It also uses intelligent electricity cutting edge technology, such as distributed generation, electric vehicle charging, intelligent home control and so on.

        The problem is that at present, the construction of smart grid is also limited to the power industry, the state has not yet introduced smart grid development planning, other energy and related industries are not fully mobilized, related affairs lack of unified organization and management. Zhu Changlin called for the construction of a strong smart grid as a national strategy as soon as possible.