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  About Us

 About us:

            Jingjiang Zhicheng Metrologic Instrument Co.,Ltd China. is a technical leading enterprise dedicated to the R & D and manufacture of current and voltage transformer testing equipment. "Jiangsu Province Technology Supervision transformer and calibrator metering station" is located in our company, at any time to provide you with equipment inspection, maintenance and so on.

            The digital transformer calibrator is the scientific research project issued by the former National Metrology Bureau. After five years' research and development, the project team led by Liu Chen has passed the national appraisal by the end of 1982. This achievement won the three prize of Jiangsu scientific and technological achievements in 1982, which is the first creation in China. On this basis, through the continuous efforts of the R & D department, the product has been accelerated and the digital transformer calibrator series products and related equipment have been developed.

 Our users:

            Our company has strong technical strength, rich practical experience and complete testing methods. The products are all over the country in more than 20 provinces and cities, and products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. Products are well received by users of power sector, mutual inductor manufacturers and Metrology and testing departments.

 Our ability:

ØFor standard current / voltage transformers, we can achieve a precision grade of 0.002%.

ØFor precision voltage transformers, the highest voltage we can do now is 500kV.

ØFor precision current transformers, the maximum current we can achieve is 30kA.

ØFor the routine test project of CT/PT, our test system can carry out error test, volt ampere characteristic test, no-load loss test, DC resistance test and interturn pressure test.

ØFrom the angle of intelligent testing, we can automatically control the regulation power of the check system, the standard CT one / two automatic wiring, the automatic switching of the multi channel CT, the automatic switching of the current and voltage load box, etc.

 Our products:

ØElectromagnetic transformer test system

ØElectronic transformer error test system

ØDigital transformer calibrator

ØPrecision current transformer (belt upflow) precision current transformer

ØPrecision voltage transformer (with booster)

ØCurrent load box

ØVoltage load box

ØInduction divider

ØMagnetic energy measuring instrument for iron core

ØOther test equipment