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National Grid Electric Power Institute fully deploy smart grid key technology research and development

Time:2018-5-16 9:31:44

        In July 16, 2009, the Power Science Research Institute of the national network held a working conference in Nanjing to study and implement the spirit of the working conference of the national Power Grid Corp in the middle of the year, to summarize the work in the first half of the year, to analyze the situation and to deploy the task in the second half of the year.         The president Xiao Shi's masterpiece was entitled "speeding up the three changes", promoting scientific development and working for the goal of the year. Jiao Baoli, the Secretary of the Party group, conveyed the spirit of the working conference of the national Power Grid Corp in the middle of the 2009 year; the vice president Wu Weining presided over the meeting, and the vice president Wang Qin, Hu Yi, Yan Hua Feng, Xi Guofu, and the trade unions.         President Song Feiyu, chief engineer Yang Yingjian, honorary president Xue Yusheng, deputy local investigator Cao Tienan, deputy chief teacher of the hospital, various functional departments of the hospital, Research Institute and head of industrial company, and 150 people in charge of the general branch of each party (Branch) participated in the conference. The meeting put forward that, focusing on the established strategic objectives and development ideas, we should focus on the "five insistence" (insisting on the mission of the development of the support service company as the enterprise; adhere to the independent innovation as a strategic measure to change the way of scientific research and development; adhere to the integration of M & A as an important means of the transformation of the transformation industry; " The key work of the key technology research and industrial development of the smart grid is done, and the key work of the key technology research and industrial development of the smart grid is done, and the transformation of scientific research and development, industrial development and operation management are accelerated to ensure the achievement of the whole year. To promote the scientific development and leap forward development of the national grid electric Academy. In the first half of 2009, all the work of the State Grid Electric Power Institute was pushed forward and achieved good business performance. Around the national Power         Grid Corp to build a unified strong smart grid work, pre - research, comprehensive participation in the company's "smart grid domestic research report", "Strong Smart Grid System Research Report", "strong smart grid comprehensive research report" and other important topics of research and writing work; in the company's smart grid research Under the framework of the overall framework, the leading group of the smart grid project is set up, the research and development center is reorganized, the research institute is the foundation, the center of the research and development center is the backbone, and the external scientific research is a collaborative innovation system. To carry out the key technology research and key projects in smart grid, and to communicate with Power Grid Corp, universities and academic organizations at all levels, to master the technology demand and development trend of the smart grid, and to promote the cooperation of related projects. At the meeting in the middle of the year, President Xiao Shijie asked the whole hospital to take Scientific Outlook on Development as the guide to fully implement the working conference spirit of the company in the middle of 2009 years, and to grasp the two key points in the research and discipline integration of the smart grid. In order to achieve the overall goal of building a unified strong smart grid for the national Power Grid Corp, the National Network Academy of electricity must fulfill the mission of technical support, benefit support and equipment support. Taking independent innovation as a strategic measure to change the way of scientific research and development, we focus on the key fields of smart grid, new energy, new materials and other key fields of development. To speed up the research on the technical system of the smart grid, the construction of the smart grid standard system, the construction of information system, the construction of communication system, the construction of the demonstration base of the experimental research and demonstration base, the basic support technology of the RETS Institute of Technology and so on, as well as the power electronic technology, the conventional power operation control technology, the distributed power supply, and the distributed power supply are also carried out. The key technical fields, such as access, equipment intelligence and so on, play a leading role in the company to speed up the construction of a unified strong smart grid with international leadership, independent innovation and Chinese characteristics. In combination with the requirements of the introduction of high-level talents, the introduction of the team, the introduction of core talents and the introduction of high and new technology projects are introduced, and a number of top experts at home and abroad are introduced. In order to meet the needs of the development of the company and the power grid, we should strengthen the in-depth study of the various professional fields to ensure a major breakthrough in the key technology research and equipment research and development of the strong smart grid. We should do a good job in the research of the development direction of the smart grid industry, promote the technology integration and product integration of the smart grid related industries, highlight the overall advantages, form various industries to cover the construction of smart grid, and provide product support for the strong smart grid. The hospital R & D center will make a special speech at the meeting, which indicates that the research and development center will work with the Research Institute and industry company to start the research on the Standard         Specification for the smart grid as soon as possible, and focus on the information system and architecture, the smart grid standard information model and the information exchange model to ensure the consistency, uniqueness and reliability of the intelligent electric network information. In this year and next year, as the core team to provide technical support to the company's smart grid department, the national network department will earnestly implement the work deployment of the company's smart grid department and stimulate the creation of all employees. New enthusiasm to help and support the planning and design of smart grid.