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  CT PT Accuracy Testing System Series

Current Transformer Accuracy Testing System--Full Automatic Type

Time:2018-5-16 14:03:13

Product picture:

Current Transformer Accuracy Testing System--Full Automatic Type

Product details:

1. Measure item: Ratio Error and Phase Error of the Current Transformer

2. Complying with ANSI / IEEE C57.13 Standard or IEC 60044-1 Standard (According to the User`s requirements)

3. System description: Automatically test 1-12pcs Low-voltage CT

4. The testing system included:

ØHES Series Control Bench

ØHES-1C Transformer Tester

ØFYC Series Current Transformer Burden

ØHLS Series Standard Current Transformer (With Current Source)


ØHigh Current Testing Cables

ØSecondary Testing Cables of the CT

5. System Overview:

Measure item:

Ratio error and Phase error of the Current Transformer

Type of the object CT:

Low-voltage level

Quantity of object CT per a batch:


6. Operation Model:

Products Description


Control Model

Testing Bench

HES Series

Automatically control the output voltage by PC & Electric control

Digital Transformer Tester


Automatically upload the errors date to PC

Standard Current Transformer

HLS Series

Automatically connect the Primary&Secondary terminals of the Standard CT

Current Transformer Burden

FYC Series

Automatically control burden by PC and Manual

7. Testing Range:

Accuracy class of the Standard CT & PT

0.05%, 0.02%, 0.01% or other

Primary current range of the standard CT

5-2000A. 5-3150A. 5-5000A or other current value, According to user`s requirements

Current Burden

According to ANSI / IEEE C57.13 or IEC 60044-1


50Hz or 60Hz

The technical data of each equipment in the test system is on the website of our company, please consult those corresponding specifications