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The construction and planning of the smart grid will not be introduced in the short term

Time:2018-5-16 9:32:29


    In April 7th, following the Expo Park in Shanghai, another comprehensive demonstration project of smart grid, the smart grid integrated demonstration project of Sino Singapore Tianjin eco city, was launched. Compared to the smart grid demonstration project in Shanghai's Expo Park, this can be seen as the first demonstration of a smart grid that can be replicated in other cities, according to the State Grid.

    National network of Energy Research Institute experts pointed out that there are still a lot of smart grid pilot projects are being pushed open, for example, to promote distributed photovoltaic power grid intelligent distribution pilot project, Beijing, Shanghai and other key cities of the 23 key cities to promote related test work.

    Some experts said that the construction of smart grid will be dominated by demonstration projects in the near future. The smart grid construction plan at the national level will not be too fast. The planning of smart grid construction in the State Grid is likely to be introduced earlier, but the national level of smart grid construction planning may be set up after the "12th Five-Year" plan of energy and electricity.

    It is understood that the new Tianjin Eco City Smart Grid integrated demonstration project includes 11 sub functional systems, such as distributed power access, energy storage system, intelligent power grid equipment comprehensive state monitoring system, intelligent substation, distribution automation, etc. According to the introduction, these 11 sub function systems have no obstacles in technology, and have basically met the needs of urban life. The demonstration project is also considered by the industry as the most comprehensive and comprehensive demonstration project in China.